This Site Lights Up My Life, It Brings Me Hope (Singing Yet? Ha!)

True Sun

If you're in the market for light therapy products for Seasonal Affective Disorder or for skin care, full spectrum lighting for your home, dawn simulators, or any other somewhat unconventional lamp or unit, True Sun probably has what you're looking for. This site is has many varieties and styles of lighting and other devices for people with many afflictions.

What the Site Sells

Light therapy lamps and accessories, skin therapy light boxes, dawn simulators, lights and sound machines, air purifiers, and several other types of therapeutic products and accessories. They also sell a small variety of supplements for certain ailments.


This simple, calming site is done in orange and white and has a beautiful photo of a tropical beach on it.

Everything you need — links to categories, information about the site, FAQs, and more — is a click away. The only tough to find link is the shipping chart. It is there but not clearly visible at first glance.

Major categories line the left side of the site: Clearance!, Light Therapy Products, Light Therapy Skin Care, Dawn Simulators, FS Desk/Floor Lamps, Full Spectrum Light, Light & Sound Machines, Air and Water Purifiers, TENS Units Electrodes, EMS Units Electrodes. Beneath those is a list of ailments like Seasonal Affective Disorder, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and many more. You can click on the complaint and see supplements and vitamins that best address that complaint.

You can shop by product by way of a drop down box, search for items, or click the category of the item you are interested in.

Within the categories is a list of items that you can buy that help alleviate symptoms of particular disorders or ailments. Click on a product and you will get a larger photo and an explanation of what the product is, what it does, and the cost.

Descriptions are excellent with everything you need to know to make an informed buying choice. There are also testimonials about the products which I don't know whether to trust (I am skeptical about onsite testimonials).

If you want to buy an item, click to put it into your cart.

Once you have finished shopping, you go to the checkout. You will choose the type of checkout that you want to use: Express, Returning User, or New Account.

New users will need to fill out the usual personal information and their email address. You will also pick a password for return visits and to check on shipping.

The next click takes you to the payment screen where you see your shipping cost and total. Use a major credit card — or paypal — and your order is finished. You will receive a confirmation email right away and one when your order ships.

Items arrive quickly, well packed, and in perfect shape.

My Experience

I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and already have a light therapy lamp and box as well as full spectrum lamps. But what I didn't have was a dawn simulator. These devices act like a typical sunny day sunrise. They turn on at dawn and slowly brighten the room until you awaken to a sun filled room. The reason I wanted one was because I am determined to get back on a schedule of sleeping at night and waking in the morning and these simulators can be great helps. Plus, waking up to a bright sunny morning is so much nicer than waking to a dark, grey overcast day with the curtains tightly closed.

I found the simulator I wanted and, after doing a little comparative research on prices, decided to go with the one offered at True Sun.

I chose the model I wanted, and was done with checkout in a few minutes. I did look around the site and saw some interesting and innovative things that I may want to try at some point.

Browsing is easy and descriptions are very good. I enjoyed reading about the benefits of the products and I also enjoyed the press that some have gotten. There are quotes from some magazines and newspapers as well as TV shows about certain products and those were interesting to read.

I received a letter telling me I am now a registered member of the site and then I received a confirmation email.

I received a shipping email a couple days later and had my simulator in four days. I am still getting used to it but it works just fine and everything went very smoothly for me.

I have since gone back and clicked on their "Information" link and found many articles on several disorders and things that can help with each written by industry experts. Definitely check out the articles and columns. They are very informative and not a hard sell for the site at all.

I had to hunt a bit to find the shipping chart but it is there and does give accurate info about shipping and returns.

I have no complaints. I like my product and all went just fine. I have not had to use customer service so I can't comment on that but they do encourage emails or calls if you have any questions or problems.

I will return to the site. I have a few things in mind that I would like to try. My sister, who was just diagnosed (at last!) with SAD, has come to me for advice and I sent her to the site to read about the disorder and look over the various therapy lamps. They have gotten smaller and have many more features than when I bought my big ole light box and they also have come down a lot in price.'s prices are very reasonable.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping runs from $8.00 to $25.00 and then it is 10% of orders over $300.00. I am not thrilled with the shipping charges but these are very delicate items that require extreme care in packing. Only Ohio residents are charged tax so that took some bit out of the shipping charge for me.

You will need an RMA to make a return and there will be a 15% restocking fee. Blah. If an item is damaged, they will take care of that at no cost to you.

The shipping and return policy is pretty standard. I am thrilled with neither but don't feel either is unfair. There are sites with lower shipping but their prices are higher so I am not complaining too much about the policies.


I love my dawn simulator although I have yet to get my body to agree to go to sleep before dawn. Still, it wakes me to a nice bright environment rather a dark, dreary one. Eventually I will get on a normal sleep schedule.

True Sun is a great site for many therapeutic devices for a range of disorders. Originally developed just for those suffering from SAD, the site has expanded to other disorders and other devices to help combat them.

Their stock is all good quality brand name items all with warranties which are spelled out in each listing.

Shipping can be a bit steep but prices are good so it all works out even in the end.

Do your research and be sure of what you are buying and you won't have to worry about returns.

I give this site 4 stars. I will be back for more. If I can't have the real sun for more than a few days a year here in Central New York, I'll get the next best thing! True Sun has many items that can help those with SAD and other disorders feel and function better.


--P. Therre